Who We Are

Who We Are

Our mission 

As the Mizzou Marketing team, we are stewards of the Mizzou brand. We share the story of 180+ years of education, research, outreach and inclusive excellence, proudly moving forward a name recognized around the world.  

Yeah, our job is pretty great. 

As part of the University of Missouri’s Joint Office of Strategic Communication and Marketing (JOSCM), we manage Mizzou’s brand awareness efforts and campaigns for undergraduate enrollment, on-campus initiatives and University of Missouri System projects.  

Part of a larger division of dedicated professionals, we also contribute to web development, executive communications, digital publications and Mizzou Visual Productions projects. 

Our vision 

From the middle of a state, near the middle of the country, Mizzou is in the midst of what matters. Our vision is to amplify the Mizzou story and share the countless, inspiring examples of how our community endeavors together to make the world a better place.  

Your goal is our goal 

Your success is our success! When you partner with Mizzou Marketing, you work with a dedicated team that’s passionate about all things Black and Gold and just as invested as you are.  


Our Team 

Jaime Morgans 
Marketing Director 
(573) 882-6881 

Christa Keers 
Senior Project Manager 
(573) 882-8045 

Brittany Skrobarcek
Marketing Manager 
(573) 882-2507

Veronica Burgess
Creative Director
(573) 882-9799

Joseph Dallman 
Motion Graphics Artist
(573) 882-4916 

Grace Gibson
Graphic Designer
(573) 882-2507

Vivian Kolks
(573) 884-3828

Rebecca Koonse 
Digital Marketing Manager 
(573) 882-4299 

Hannah Downs 
Digital Marketing Specialist 
(573) 882-5094