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Digital Publications | Staff Directory

We collaborate with the News Bureau and campus communicators to amplify compelling and timely stories about our faculty, staff, students, the research happening on and off-campus and its impact on local and global communities. View our stories at: Show Me Mizzou



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Digital Service | Staff Directory

Our team implements and maintains the digital infrastructure required to meet the communications and marketing goals of the University of Missouri and the University of Missouri System. Digital Service promotes and creates highly effective digital experiences using best practices for design, technology and standards.



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Executive Communications | Staff Directory

Executive Communications helps convey the excellence and impact of the University of Missouri. We handle remarks, speeches, statements and outreach on behalf of the university’s Chancellor. We also help develop and execute major speaking opportunities, events and public engagement opportunities that demonstrate the breadth and depth of Mizzou and our community.



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Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Communications | Staff Directory

Our team promotes the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity's strategic priorities, academic programs and events for students, faculty, staff and the greater community. 




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Integrated Strategic CommunicationsStaff Directory

Integrated Strategic Communications takes the lead on aligning communications to support top priority presidential and board initiatives, signature events and more. Our work unites teams within JOSCM, across Mizzou’s campus and in collaboration with the UM System universities to deliver coordinated communications. 



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Licensing and Brand Management | Staff Directory

We protect and promote the marks, names, and logos of the University of Missouri as well as operate as the steward of Mizzou’s brand – from developing the look and feel, to providing education and marketing resources for campus-wide use. Help keep the Mizzou brand strong by visiting the identity website before creating any promotional materials. 

Businesses should request a license before printing or producing materials bearing the University’s name and/or marks. Faculty, staff, and students should always order from licensed vendors.


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Marketing | Staff Directory

Our team operates campaigns for undergraduate enrollment and general Mizzou brand awareness as well as campaigns for the University of Missouri System. Often working with other departments in the division, we contribute to web development, executive communications, and Digital Publication projects.



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Mizzou Advancement and the Mizzou Alumni AssociationStaff Directory

Our team works alongside University Advancement and the Mizzou Alumni Association to steward donors and engage with alumni. Serving as a one-stop shop for campaign strategy, building and deployment, we assist partnered units in speaking directly to their audience with tailored communication pieces, encouraging them to help build on Mizzou’s success through targeted, impactful philanthropic giving.



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Mizzou Visual Productions | Staff Directory

We are the creative media team, specializing in educational and promotional video productions for the University of Missouri and the UM System.




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News Bureau | Staff Directory

News Bureau staff members serve as official institutional spokespersons and also assist students, faculty and staff who have information to disseminate about the university or who are approached by reporters. In this role, the News Bureau reflects the administration’s philosophy that public, land-grant universities have an obligation to keep the public informed about services, activities and resources available to them, and to respond to questions or concerns.



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Research Communications | Staff Directory

Our team supports the Division of Research, Innovation & Impact’s communication and marketing needs and promotes Mizzou’s research, creative scholarship, innovation, entrepreneurship and industry partnership efforts both internally and to the public.



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Student Communications | Staff Directory

Student Communication supports the academic journey at Mizzou, from student recruitment through commencement, and integrates messages from all divisions and academic units that support student progress, success and well-being.